Liquid's Kuroky becomes first

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  Team Liquid captain and The International 2017 champion Kuro “Kuroky” Takhesomi has just become the first-ever Dota 2 pro player to play all 116 heroes in the game in professional matches.

  After booking their ticket to the Chongqing Major through the European Qualifiers, Kuroky and Liquid faced off against the Swedish team Alliance in a seeding match. The team picked Meepo for Kuroky in Game 1, which left Templar Assassin as the only remaining hero he has yet to play. The team promptly picked her for Kuro in the next game.

  This is quite the impressive feat as most Dota 2 pros only stick to playing in a certain position. The heroes they get to pick are often dictared by the current metagame as well, with certain heroes preferred for every patch. Dota 2’s flexible metagame however allows for out-of-meta picks in certain situations.

  Kuroky is one of the most storied players in Dota 2’s history, having played the game professionally since its early days. Back in those days, he was considered as one of the best carry players in the world. After transitioning into Dota 2, he has since tried his hand in other positions and eventually settled at playing support.

  Prior to joining Team Liquid, Kuroky was a part of top teams such as Natus Vincere and Team Secret. In 2015, he formed his own team which was eventually picked up by Team Liquid. He would go on to lead the squad to the championship in TI7.

  He is also listed as the top overall earner in esports in terms of tournament winnings by

  Kuroky will have to work to maintain his title soon however, as Valve is set to release a new hero, Mars, this winter.